Loop unPolished

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  • Material:
    Stainless Steel
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    In the table below
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Pattern name Loop Unpolished
Pictures for pattern showing.
To order, please select items and write the pattern name, product code and volume in order from

Type Product Code Price (USD)
Soup spoon S-1 5.60
Dinner spoon S-2 5.60
Dinner fork S-3 5.60
Dinner knife S-4 5.60
Fish knife S-6 5.60
Fish fork S-7 5.60
Dessert spoon S-8 5.25
Dessert fork S-9 5.25
Dessert knife S10 5.25
Tea spoon S11 4.70
Fruit fork S14 4.70
Sugar spoon S16 4.70
Butter knife S19 5.25
Coffee spoon S25 4.20
Cheese knife S30 5.60
Medium ladle S32 14.20
Small ladle S33 12.70
Large ladle S38 16.00
Large Salad fork S44 13.25
Large Salad spoon S45 13.25
Small Salad fork S46 12.70
Small Salad spoon S47 12.70
Cake server S48 13.25
Steak knife S50 5.60
Carving fork S51 13.25
Carving knife S52 13.25
Cake knife S53 13.25

Wholesale price, please contact us (wholesale is the buying more than 5,000 USD each transaction.)

Remark: The unpolished outside could fade through washing and delivering.
Table decoration is for picture display only

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